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Koss KSC 75

These were my first ever headphones. I also owned Porta Pro, Sporta Pro and use UR-20 at home and in office. They all very well built and have some decent sound. Ok, except for Porta and Sporta versions which were crappy and last for only 6 month each pair.

The reason i am talking about headphones now is because i started to run (which will be the topic of some future posts). Running is somewhat dull, especially if you are on a treadmill, but if you outside and have some good music – it’s just great.

So yeah, buy one of these and forget about your stupid $30 Apple EarPods, which bounce around like, well, any other ear buds.

“Take the plugs”, i hear someone say. Sure i could do that, but for their price mine do not make me deaf to outer noises, which could be quite useful some time if you are running on streets.

So all and all these are the best running headphones you can get. So go and get a pair. Now. Seriously.

Here is Arecido Radio Telescope for you to look at:

Arecibo Radio Telescope