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Fold. End of story.

Finally. That took only four posts and several hours. Prototyping in familiar language to get grip onto the algorithm totally worth it, at least right now, while i still noob in C. Here is how my fold.php compares to my fold.c to local Mac OS fold command:

$ time cat big.txt | php fold.php 12
real	0m22.143s
user	0m8.559s
sys	0m2.682s
$ time cat big.txt | ./fold
real	0m7.495s
user	0m2.101s
sys	0m1.183s
$ time cat big.txt | fold -w 12
real	0m5.037s
user	0m1.659s
sys	0m0.959s

There are obviously optimizations to be made, will see later. Also i am using default compiler settings, whatever difference that makes. The “big.txt” file is this one, 6.2Mb.

Here’s the source code: fold.c.

That’s it for today.

Fold. Not the end.

Really lazy weekend. Barely touched a keyboard, maybe just to chat for some time.

Still. I have rewritten `fold` in PHP, which is complete cheating, but at least i know how it should work now. Next step – implement it in C. And this is not because I am learning C, but because of this:

$ time php fold.php 10 syntax.text
real 0m0.179s
user 0m0.151s
sys 0m0.017s

$ time fold -w 10 syntax.text
real 0m0.041s
user 0m0.010s
sys 0m0.010s


PHP is not fast at all. But i have spent 20 minutes hacking that piece of code together and it totally works. That’s why dynamic languages rule. I still want to learn C, so have to rewrite that again.

Also, here is the picture of a guy stealing electricity on 42nd-Bryant Park:
He is just charging his iPhone.

Fold and beyond

So today i was writing a post about memory leaks and how they can be very frustrating. The whole topic is very big, obviously, so even writing a small post is taking more time than expected. Apart from that i was wrestling with fold.c from yesterday. My problem there are not memory leaks, but mostly a lack of understanding how that thing should work. I have to take a pen and piece of paper and just make it work that way first.

Still looking for a decent, quick-to-learn testing solution for making sure my C code works. I very well may have to come up with a solution myself. But since i am too lazy, i very well may not.

Right now my testing process looks like this:
rm a.out ; gcc fold.c; echo "thisisreallylongstring" | ./a.out

That’s it for today.


Some time ago i bought a classical C manual: “The C Programming Language” by Kernighan and Ritchie. Good read.

Today i was implementing “fold” from the book exercises. It is not coming easy this time. I have some ideas on how to progress, but right now i am stuck and in the bar somewhere in Williamsburg. Obviously trying to reach Ballmer’s Peak.

Two things for tomorrow:

  • Need automated testing;
  • Algorithms matter;

Since no finished code on hands today – i am not posting it here.

P.S. did you know that bash can repeat last executed command with all parameters if you run `!!`?