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52 weeks challenge – February

February is over. Time to put down some notes.

What is nice in Europe, is that everything is pretty close. It’s just two hours drive from my place to Amsterdam, three – to Paris and three hours flight to Rome! No wonder we go places often. Expect more photos from abroad.

Cliché shot №1 (6/52)

Crack (7/52)

Moon in Rome (8/52)

Kiter (9/52)
First proper test for my Sigma-Z 200mm f/3.5. Manual focus is a breeze with Sony.

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52 weeks challenge – January

I have embarked myself upon a photography challenge for 2016. It’s pretty simple: post a picture every week, taken during that week, hence the name “52 weeks”. That’s somewhat simpler that the “365”, but still pretty interesting.

So here is a quick summary of the first month:

Paraglider (1/52)

Dragon skin (2/52)
Dragon Skin

Conformity (3/52)

Yellow (4/52)

Yawn (5/52)

I must say, I am already having second thoughts on not buying rugged camera, because with the weather like we have here, it is really hard to go out and shoot sometimes.