Playing with Unity

Today i was playing with Unity. This is a game engine, which is simple to use and it can run on almost any platform (yeah, even WP8 and Wii). Sure enough this comes with it’s own price, both dollar and performance, though i don’t have any hard numbers on latter. But just the ability do “write once, run anywhere” is head-lightening. Especially because Windows Phone.

Just for the sake of learning something new i have followed a simple tutorial on Unity site on how to build collecting game. You control the ball with arrow keys and collect spinning boxes. Got them all – you win. It’s rather primitive, i mean, i can’t even play with friends or take payments from those players who have stuck. Anyway, here is the link to the game itself: Rollerball (needs UnityPlayer). Just don’t get too addicted.

Code is on the github. It uses C# since that what they have used in tutorial, but Javascript will do too (i guess they can be mixed in one project, however i don’t see why anyone would do that).

Building games is really hard task, even having tools like Unity, which does tons of work for you. Design, arts and testing will take years, unless you are doing time killer game, in which case it will take only months.

That’s it for today.