One day one code #16

Time machine update: i’ve managed to get almost all my data back. Right now all 45Gb of music is downloading. Also in this time of cloud based services, like password managers and Dropbox, there is not many things you can actually loose. So computers are pretty much disposable (like Apple wants you to think about iPhone), it’s so easy to upgrade and safe. Almost always.

Back to the main topic of this blog. Coding. Bunch of stuff going on with Sonata. I am still pretty serious about writing a post about that later someday. On the other hand C learning is not going too fast. But i have managed to make progress on the calculator. Added modulus operation, negative numbers support. They also have added stack operations as a part of this exercise, so get(), clear(), swap() etc. are done too. The code is not thread safe by the way. Which is something i recon is hard to do (and is out of scope of current chapter). I will post the code in this blog when all things are done.

Tomorrow i am visiting San Francisco. So most probably will not have too much time to spend on coding. So i will post code-related photos.