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You know how you supposed to make backups to keep all your data safe and warm? If you don’t – trust me, you have to do them. But here is a catch (how come that there is always a catch in this world?) – even if you do make reserve copy (or even several of them) – does not necessarily mean you are on the safe side. How is that? Very simple: software is broken. Which brings me to this comprehensive post from Scott Hanselman. Go on, read it and don’t tell me he is not right.

I’ve been using Macs for at least five years now. And rarely had any problems. Until now. Bought a new Mac (retina if you ask me) and certainly wanted to get all my stuff quickly from Time Machine. Except that Migration Assistant did not find any valid data on the storage. Weird. Tried several things here and there which did not lead to anything… I don’t say there is some critical stuff, but photos and documents are nice to have. Also rsa keys. And Kerbal Space Program saves.

After some digging found James Pond site, stuffed with Time Machine troubleshooting information. According to him, what happened is backup process failed to finish for any reason (although i do remember waiting for it to stop) and creating invalid records. Every other (finished) copy of data should be fine, just the last one is corrupted. So here i am, copying my home folder from network storage (which is my TM disk) manually. It will take just three hours or nine. And it better work.

Will see tomorrow.

On the code side: been playing with PHP stuff all day at work. Got a good piece done, but it doesn’t work because of some crazy issue with Document mapping in Symfony CMF. That stuff is seriously decoupled. Have to spend lifetime to get it to behave. I will write a separate post about it someday maybe to help guys like myself (or future me) understand it better. But like i said yesterday – best docs for open source is the code itself.

That’s it for today.