One day – one code #12

Can you believe it? It’s been almost two weeks. I am starting to feel like i am writing “learn something in 21 days” book. Maybe some day…

Right. Today i was doing some C stuff again, since this is the main goal of all this nonsense. By the way – there is only half of the book left to read and i don’t know what’s going to happen next. Guess that would be perfect time to use the knowledge from the book.

Right, so i am in a middle of functions chapter and i have to extend the calculator which is given as an example. The biggest challenge will be to add functions and variables. Because this requires syntax convention, and, well, implementation. Or maybe it’s easier: just detect the non-digit characters and check if there an opening parenthesis for function… i’ll think of something, but tomorrow. Today i just fixed atof() function to handle scientific notation.

Some time ago i’ve bought Steve Wozniak’s autobiography “iWoz”, which is a big fun to read, so i’ve spent several hours reading it today instead of coding. You can find it on Amazon used for about $10 and i would recommend reading it (i find it a lot more interesting read than “Steve Jobs” book).

That’s it for today.