Some C and some C++ (hhvm).

Nice day today. Just look at this fog:

I guess that's how San Francisco looks just about any average day

Really nice day today. Too warm to go shredding though. Well, i guess you can’t always get what you want.

Alright, back to the coding stuff. Learning C. Made couple exercises. Nothing special. I bet pointers are much more fun than just writing a function that returns value through it’s parameter (character array). Scratched the surface here.

assert.h is really helpful module. So i can write my functions and then put all tests in main() and be sure they work. Poor’s man unit testing. But since i haven’t tried writing my own modules that’s all i have now.

Next thing is hhvm. I’ve managed to compile it overnight. And it even works. I was surprised that there is a huge lag. Just invoking it on empty PHP file


takes around 300ms. Just PHP 5.3.10 (which installed on my virtual ubuntu box) is 3 times faster on this not particularly hard task. I was also trying to make measurements with ‘fold‘, but picture remained unchanged. Which does not make any sense, except maybe that i am not testing it properly. Well, will see how it will work in server mode later.

Here is a bunch of documents on how to install hhvm on different systems: I am pretty sure that hhvm will get only better and we will eventually all switch to it. But not for another couple years for sure.

That’s it for today.