Lazy day? Friday!

Very unproductive day today. I had a plan to play with hhvm on Openshift. But two problems:

  1. the gcc there is older than hhvm needs; and
  2. when building new gcc i hit 80000 user files limit.

I still not quite sure how they want others to build cartridges for the platform.
End of story here for now.

But, i’ve managed to get hhvm erm… building on the Ubuntu virtual machine. Well, frankly speaking it is still building, and i suppose this will happen for another hour or so.

But, i’ve been reading the C book meantime and doing some exercises. Which is very helpful. Now i can write valid C programs like this one:


int main(void) {
      { {{ printf("%s", "I was surrounded by curly brackets\n"); }} }
    } {{{ printf("%s", "But managed to escape\n"); }}}
  return 0;

Meanwhile hhvm build progress have come up to 60% and my laptop battery level is 7%. I wonder who will win?..

That’s it for today.

Here is how my laptop saluted me in the morning couple days ago:
Not as fun for me though.