Daily Archives: January 7, 2014

Fold. End of story.

Finally. That took only four posts and several hours. Prototyping in familiar language to get grip onto the algorithm totally worth it, at least right now, while i still noob in C. Here is how my fold.php compares to my fold.c to local Mac OS fold command:

$ time cat big.txt | php fold.php 12
real	0m22.143s
user	0m8.559s
sys	0m2.682s
$ time cat big.txt | ./fold
real	0m7.495s
user	0m2.101s
sys	0m1.183s
$ time cat big.txt | fold -w 12
real	0m5.037s
user	0m1.659s
sys	0m0.959s

There are obviously optimizations to be made, will see later. Also i am using default compiler settings, whatever difference that makes. The “big.txt” file is this one, 6.2Mb.

Here’s the source code: fold.c.

That’s it for today.