Today I have made some improvements to my photos page.

Previous version was using Flickr Badge, which is nice looking but really limiting way of sharing photos. So i decided to expand it a bit. Showing all public photos by 100 on page. It was surprisingly simple task. I also played with Silex along the way. That is a neat little framework.

Fun stuff. Probably will have to rewrite all that again some time in the future. Things i have not implemented yet:

  • caching images/thumbnails on local machine (so Flickr will not lock images because of traffic);
  • use modern Flickr API client;

Also, i suck at graphic/visual design. Any good books for programmers to improve design skills? Have to look into that.

I also not very good at photography, so not taking any responsibility for anyone getting sick after looking at my works. You have been warned.

Oh, right, here is the link to Photolib: