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2014 Pledge

Here i am, at home. In two hours we are departing for a New Year party in Brooklyn. That should be fun.

There is only one thing bothering me for several months. Code.

Disregarding the language, encoding or purpose. Just code. And my code in particular. And i know i am so-so coder, but i am intended to become somewhat better. There are two obvious ways to do this: read and write code.

Here comes the pledge:

  1. During 2014 i will write, read and test code each day (not including stuff i do at work);
  2. Each day i have to write at least one line of code, which is supposed to do something meaningful;
  3. This will be called “one-day-one-code”;
  4. Each day this blog will be updated with my progress;
  5. Hopefully i will not fail.

Happy New Year everyone.



Apparently, there is a revolution going on in Ukraine. I am Ukrainian and fully support the peaceful strike, which is intended to overthrow corrupted government.

Last week we attended a support action here in NY, near the Ukrainian embassy. Here are some photos:

Слава Україні!