52 weeks challenge – February

February is over. Time to put down some notes.

What is nice in Europe, is that everything is pretty close. It’s just two hours drive from my place to Amsterdam, three – to Paris and three hours flight to Rome! No wonder we go places often. Expect more photos from abroad.

Cliché shot №1 (6/52)

Crack (7/52)

Moon in Rome (8/52)

Kiter (9/52)
First proper test for my Sigma-Z 200mm f/3.5. Manual focus is a breeze with Sony.

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52 weeks challenge – January

I have embarked myself upon a photography challenge for 2016. It’s pretty simple: post a picture every week, taken during that week, hence the name “52 weeks”. That’s somewhat simpler that the “365”, but still pretty interesting.

So here is a quick summary of the first month:

Paraglider (1/52)

Dragon skin (2/52)
Dragon Skin

Conformity (3/52)

Yellow (4/52)

Yawn (5/52)

I must say, I am already having second thoughts on not buying rugged camera, because with the weather like we have here, it is really hard to go out and shoot sometimes.


Facebook be gone

Productivity can sometimes be hard. Especially when you have facebook accessible on all your devices. I have killed their app from my iPhone ages ago, but still manage to use it in the browser. And if you started looking through the feed, it never ends. But this had to stop.
First, I tried iOS built-in website blocker, but you just cannot block one site, there is an entire black list and I grew tired of it. It was the time for more elegant solution (for civilized age).

So here’s my “Almost Instant Productivity Boost”™ for you iOS device: https://github.com/alexzabolotny/NoMoreFacebook . Yes, it’s a custom iOS content blocker, which only kills facebook. Yes, you have to have Mac and XCode to install it. No, you cannot download it from App Store. Yes, because I don’t have money to pay for the license.

Oh yeah, just use /etc/hosts file to block facebook on your Mac (link to google).

Unfortunately, I was lazy, so Login with facebook will also be gone. Which is a pity, but I don’t care. If you care – just send me a PR.


Some time ago we got a new car. It’s Mercedes-Benz B-class again, but a bit newer. However, this new car has some bugs.

First thing that i’ve notice is that rear view mirror if switched to ‘night mode’ has different angle, so every time we go from ‘day’ to ‘night’ or back we need to adjust it.

Another thing is even better. Sometime in the morning it give us a message in red: ‘Reversing not possible. Consult workshop’. And reverse gear is indeed does not work. Moreover it only uses odd gears from now on: 1-3-5-7, and revs are usually very high as well. At first we were really upset and even got it to the workshop. Needless to say, they did not fix or even detected the problem. However it persists. Right this morning we had the message again. Luckily there is a workaround. Yes, you just need to reboot it. Twice. Turn off, take out the key, start again. Repeat. And the message is gone, plus gearbox is working with all gears now. Simple fix.

Heroku, golang and martini

Just a note to myself. When deploying go + martini project to Heroku, there was an error:

remote: -----> Running: godep go install -tags heroku ./...
remote: www.go:3:8: cannot find package "github.com/go-martini/martini" in any of:
remote: /app/tmp/cache/go1.4.2/go/src/github.com/go-martini/martini (from $GOROOT)
remote: /tmp/build_ea6105408e12a560374800681cccb8e2/.heroku/g/src/gggggg/Godeps/_workspace/src/github.com/go-martini/martini (from $GOPATH)
remote: /tmp/build_ea6105408e12a560374800681cccb8e2/.heroku/g/src/github.com/go-martini/martini
remote: godep: go exit status 1

To fix it I had to force Godeps/_workspace folder into git repository, since Heroku buildpack expects dependencies to be delivered with app code.